[SpookyCTF'23] Treat interns nicely!
SpookyCTF'23: Treat interns nicely! Look, I know that they sometimes work for free. But you really gotta treat the interns nicely. They could run this whole thing, you know! Even if they're not actually human. Explanation This was a really fun(ny) misc challenge. In SpookyCTF, the ‘interns’ were the bots in the Discord channel. There are two main commands, /compliment and /complain. Using /compliment to “treat” the interns nicely, we would get random sarcastic replies like:
[SpookyCTF'23] Don't stick me there!
SpookyCTF'23: Don’t stick me there! I woke up after a night out and I'm hurting uh... everywhere... I think I left my phone at one of the bars we were at last night. Thankfully, I was able to see the last photo I took through the cloud. Can you help me find my phone? I need to know the name of the bar and when the photo was taken. flagformat: NICC{Bar_Name-HH:MM:SS} This was a simple forensics challenge.
[SpookyCTF'23] If the Key Fits...
SpookyCTF'23: If the Key Fits… I am trying to escape this 64-story horror house and the only way to escape is by finding the flag in this text file! Can you help me crack into the file and get the flag? The only hint I get is this random phrase: MWwwdjM1eW1tM3RyMWNrM3Q1ISEh This was a simple AES decrypting challenge. We are given a flag.txt.aes file along with the random phrase. The analysis As per the file extension, the flag.
[SpookyCTF'23] Shapeshifter
SpookyCTF'23: Shapeshifter There's this figure in front of me, but I can't even figure out what it is! What is that thing?? Challenge File This was an interesting misc challenge, mixed with a little bit of steganography in it. The image The image was a corrupted png file. I tried to fix the header but it didn’t work :O I went on to check the strings of the file: kairos@pop-os:~/Downloads$ strings distant-figure.
[SpookyCTF'23] What Have We Found Here...
SpookyCTF'23: What Have We Found Here… As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the barren landscape, I stood alone at the edge of the world. The map had brought me here, to this remote and desolate place, in pursuit of a mystery that had captivated the world's greatest minds. A cryptic message had been found on the ground, a message from the cosmos itself, or so it seemed.